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Helping Capture Moments You Want to Remember

At Abbigale Celeste Photography, our goal is to make you smile, literally! We create flattering, contemporary images for our guests, specializing in versatile styles for everyday life. Whether you want something bold, simple or extravagant, Abbigale Celeste Photography has your answer.

We believe that photography is a way to help preserve all your memories, that's why we offer a variety of different styles. From the beautiful Maternity sessions, to all Family and Lifestyle portraits, we can capture it all.

About Us

Who We Are

Abbigale Celeste Photography has been serving clients since 2013. Founded by Abby, self taught professional Portrait Photographer who has studied and practiced for over 10 years. She has established Abbigale Celeste on hard work and a passion for making the community smile.

You're life is a beautiful journey, and we're all about capturing all the moments you cherish most. We create unique images based on your personal preference of style, taste, and event needs.

Maternity & Newborn

Congratulations !

As a mother to three beautiful babies myself, I know the magical feeling of awe and joy that comes with carrying a child in your body. The feeling the hearing the heart beat, feeling little kicks, and the wonderous moment of being able to finally hold and kiss them, and watching them grow.

Each session has the goal of being able to create heartfelt heirlooms to tell your family's stories. Each piece of art is created uniquely for you; to share with your babies, and their children, and the generations that come after.

Maternity and Newborn favorites include keepsake albums, fine

art prints and custom wall art designed to be showed off in your home and nursery. These are your precious forever moments, and we are so honored to be apart of the special season of life with you and your family.

Family & Lifestyle

Our families are the heart and soul of what makes us who we are. What makes those relationships is the unique ways we show them we care. The types of moments that people want to see for decades down the line are the bonds between the family members; mom and dad loving each other while the kids are embarrassed, grandparents holding their grandbabies, the everyday moments that you cherish.

Family lifestyle are one of our favorite styles to create! Abbigale has a great eye for candidacy and rawness that really brings your artwork to life. We want to capture all of those big and small moments that you want to remember forever.

Engagements & Weddings

Your wedding day is about you and your unique, once in a lifetime kind of love. We absolutely enjoy the celebration of two souls finding each other and choosing to be together. We make sure to capture the memories you want to have for a lifetime.

You spend so much time planning your day down to the smallest detail. I'll make sure the day you've been waiting for is captured beautifully.

I want to learn more about your relationship and what is important to you! Let us make your special day extraordinary!


Boudoir is more than beautiful pictures in lingerie. It is a life-changing, mood-shifting, confidence boosting, empowering experience for ALL women. All women deserve to feel comfortable and confident in their own skin.

Whether you’re celebrating an achievement, getting outside your comfort zone or just wanting to honor your self-love journey, I’m here for it. Give yourself permission to live your life here and now, not later when it’s the “right time.”

Be unafraid to step into your power, and be the lead character in your own story. I can't wait to give you your time in the spotlight and inspire a renewed sense of self-worth and confidence that you may carry with you wherever your journey may lead.

An Experience of

Empowerment and Self Love

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